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At the moment we are at a very important stage of development . Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation on June 11, 2013 № 493 "On public housing Supervision" , continues the work of government agencies at federal, regional and municipal levels , as well as socially active groups of citizens on the implementation of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on May 7, 2012 № 600 "On measures to ensure the citizens of the Russian Federation, affordable and comfortable housing , improve the quality of housing and communal services." in these circumstances, the first task is to carry out organizational activities of bodies authorized to carry out surveillance of public housing , bringing them into a state of allowing in the near future to carry out the full requirements of the 493rd Ordinance of the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as the completion of measures to control the formation of a municipal housing in all regions and the start of active interaction between the two branches with broad community involvement . To completely solve this problem without coordination bodies goszhilnadzora not possible. At a meeting of the Central Coordination Council of State Housing Inspectorate of the Russian Federation of December 14, 2012 in the city of Gelendzhik the Association of supervisory bodies in the sphere of housing and communal services. (" AKNOR - HCS) . Today we start the work site of the Association . The site will be placed on all material bodies goszhilnadzora country. Every citizen of the country will be able to interact with us on a wide range of issues related to our competence. In the third week of September 2013 in the Moscow region will be a meeting of government oversight of the housing and the Conference of the Association, which will be elected by the governing bodies of the Association.
Until that time, current affairs performs Organising Committee of the Association consists of: N.A.Vasyutin (chair) , BA Portyankin (secretary ), VA Lisichkin (Central Federal District), the VM Chilly (Northwestern Federal District ) , II Wetlands ( Moscow) , IG Zamaletdinov and V.I.Zanin (Volga Federal District ) , SG Nazhipov ( Ural Federal District ), A. Stepanidenko (Southern Federal District ) , AM Jabrayilov (North-Caucasian Federal District ) , AA Abritalin (Samara region) , V.B.Pavlyuk (Siberian Federal District ) , AI Parkhomenko (Far Eastern Federal District ) , AM Zakhartsov (Smolensk region) , V.S.Kravchuk (Ryazan region) , AN Maligin (Kurgan region) , VE Kulik (Sakhalin Oblast) , TS Ataeva (Tver region) and EV Popovich ( the Jewish Autonomous Oblast).

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