Goals and targets

State Housing Inspectorate of the Republic of Tatarstan is functioning on the basis of Resolution CM RT from 28.01.2003 N 55 and is part of the main organs of the State Housing Inspectorate of the Russian Federation.

The main tasks of the State housing inspection are:

Control of:

  •     protection of consumers' rights to receive municipal services, including over the rights and interests of citizens and the state in the provision of public utility services, meeting the requirements of federal and regional standards of quality and standards of consumption, the use and preservation of housing regardless of accessories;
  •     compliance by all parties to the housing legislation of housing relations (citizens, owners of housing, regardless of ownership, control, contractors providing public utilities and other services) in the Republic of Tatarstan;
  •     recognizing and preventing irregularities in the use and maintenance of housing, taking the necessary measures for the violations.

As part of its State Housing Inspectorate performs the following functions:
  •     socio-economic programming,
  •     management informatization.
  •     use and safety of housing and adjacent areas;
  •     technical condition of the housing stock and its technical equipment, local area, timely execution of work on its maintenance and repair in accordance with the regulatory, technical and project documents;
  •     validity of regulations and tariffs imposed consumption of utility services;
  •     sanitary condition of the premises housing in part, consistent with the relevant servants Bami for Disease Control;
  •     of the preparatory activities of the fund housing for seasonal use;
  •     management of the housing stock of energy resources, and water;
  •     exceed a prescribed level and mode of ensuring public utilities (heating, electricity, water and gas supply, sewage, etc.);
  •     compliance with the rules of use of premises and adjoining areas;
  •     respect of allocation of houses and premises are unsuitable for the category of Permanent residence, and their transfer to non-residential and make conclusions about it;
  •     availability of, and compliance with agreements between the owners of the state or municipal housing and communal services, service providers and consumers;
  •     a competition for the maintenance and repair of houses of the state and municipal housing funds;
  •     the provision of housing services at the request of the public;
  •     presence in residential appliances control, monitoring and metering of energy and vodoresursov;
  •     fulfillment of the requirements contained in regulations issued-tion.
  •     Inspection plans, organizes and carries out inspection survey of housing in cities and other settlements in the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan, through its zonal housing inspections involving public housing inspectors, acting in accordance with the Regulations on Public housing inspector, approved by Order of the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Housing and building policy on April 23, 1998 N 17-92, regardless of affiliation and ownership housing.
  •     Inspections are carried out the survey:
  •     planning - initiated inspections in accordance with the approved schedule (comprehensive survey of residential buildings, held every six years);
  •     unscheduled - on appeals of citizens, legal persons (individual entrepreneurs), the executive authority of the Republic of Tatarstan, the police, local authorities, public associations, reports in the media, indicating a violation of law, as well as verification of performance requirements, regulations (views ) Inspections.
  •     Inspection summarizes and analyzes information on these surveys, inspections, maintains a database on the status of all controlled objects. Inspection is the Chief State Housing Inspectorate of the Russian Federation and the bodies of executive power of the Republic of Tatarstan, the statistical reporting forms approved in the prescribed manner.
  •     Inspectorate is involved in the preparation of documents and nationwide develops its own regulations and guidance documents for the implementation of quality content houses, come-movyh areas and public services, as well as providing advice and technical assistance to owners of controlled objects, organizations or citizens exercising of residential buildings and adjacent territories.

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