Information on the progress of major overhaul

13 September 2013, Friday
In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of the Republic of Tajikistan 01.04.2013g. Number 219 in the program overhaul of 2013. included 823 houses in 41 metro area. Funding for the program amounted to 4.7 billion rubles.

According to the information-analytical system of monitoring housing extent of installed 4 billion 635 million rubles. or 98% of the program. Work has been completed on 628 multi-family homes in 40 metropolitan regions, adopted the State Housing Inspectorate 148 multi-family homes in 15 metropolitan regions. For the remaining 480 homes are not eliminated observations: the quality of work on 44 homes, operating in the 71 house documentation for 353 homes on the acts of reconciliation of expenditure data for 470 homes, other (benefit) for 45 homes.
State Housing Inspectorate of the Republic of Tatarstan, a survey conducted in 2034 on the elimination of violations issued 75 regulations eliminated in a timely prescription 61, 14 are controlled by regulations.
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